Saturday, 14 January 2012

Celebrate what is.  That is the way back to the center.  The center is the essence, not the idea of the vision, but the actual experience of the peace and the fulfillment of the nectar of Spirit.  That nectar of Spirit is the vision, but it cannot be represented; it must be embodied.  So create the place; create the source of the experience of the nectar. In other words, the well from which the nectar can be sipped. 

Express yourself through creating a place that is that well for others.  You will find that it continually is challenged.  The nectar is continually challenged.  You will be drawn out from your center to be contending with reality and life.  Do not think that is not the path.  The contending with life is the path; it is not a distraction from the path.  That is the path. But what you will find (and it is the opposite of what you have been taught to expect)…  What you have been taught to expect is that when you act to serve the vision -deliver the vision to the world- those are the actions that will make the truth come into being, the vision happen.  But it is not that case.  You will find that it is actually the actions you take to return to the center that weave the web of the project. 

In other words, you will create the space; you will sip the nectar; you will be pulled from your center by life; you will contend with life; you will act in many ways.  And then, you will become aware that you have left the vision, left the center, and you will return to the center.  And it will be that return journey that will actually weave the next layer of the tapestry.  So you must be pulled from the center, and you must return to the center.  And it is the returning again and again and again and again -which means you must be pulled from your center again and again and again. 

And that is the loom; that is the sacred loom that weaves the vision -the picture of life- by weaving your vision into life the way a needle pulls a thread in and out, in and out through the cloth of life.  You must be pulled from your center; you must return to your center.  Build a center; keep it holy.  Embody the truth of the vision.  Then be pulled out into life and return again and again to that vision.  You are on the path, and life is not separate from the path.  You will be pulled, and that is the world inviting your vision into itself.  Be pulled, and return again and again to the center of what is true for you.   

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thich Nhat Hanh: compassion and suffering

"One who understands others has knowledge;
one who understands himself has wisdom.
Mastering others requires force;
mastering the self needs strength.''
Tao Te Ching

Friday, 6 January 2012

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.  Pema Chödrön